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Time Saving Canva Templates, Served Fresh Every Month

Canva Templates & Content Topics, Designed To Speed Up Your Content Creation Process And Make Your Audience Think You're A Creative Genius And Design Pro... Even If You're Not!


Urgh, but doesn't Canva already have templates?

Well hello Captain Obvious! Yes, Canva is a magical design tool with thousands of templates. Which is totally awesome... UNTIL you find yourself wasting hours, heck days, faffing around trying to find and format the perfect template, style and layout for your content requirement. So why join the Canva Content Club?

Less Faffing, More Batching

Templates, Topics, Tactics

Creativity Done For You

How Does The Membership Work?

Access The Club Hub

Membership gives you access to the Club Hub, where your templates and resources live. A new template pack is added each month.

Import Your Templates

Import your template packs into your own Canva account in one simple step. There's a video tutorial to guide you every step of the way.

Edit Your Templates

Quickly & simply swap the placeholders with your own content, colors & fonts. Examples guide you on what goes here and what looks good there!

What's Inside The Club Hub?

Canva Tips & Tutorials

Coffee, celeb goss & CANVA HACKS! These are a few of Sal's favorite things and while there's no lattes or romance rumors in the Club Hub, you will find a bunch of Sal's time saving, design enhancing Canva tips, tricks & hacks.

These short & snappy how-to tutorials show you how to customize your templates and how to make the most of Canva's magic (and a few other nifty tools & resources) to make your design and content creation life easier.


The Content Companion Guide

No more getting stuck for social media post ideas or posting for the sake of posting! No more mental blanks on what to call your lead magnet or freebie. The Content Companion Guide is a four-part, fresh & juicy PDF to support your templates. This is your bible for content ideas! For every topic,there's a perfectly paired template... and vice versa. Here's what we cover...

  • Facebook & Instagram Post Topics And Tactics
  • Ideas & Inspiration For Lead Magnets And ebooks
  • How To Write Unawkward Instagram Captions
  • How To Handpick Your Instagram Hashtags

All wrapped up into ONE convenient download, so you don't have to do deal with a zillion download links and PDFs! 

Facebook & Instagram Post Pack

No more pretty, urgh, pretty ugly graphics you're not proud to publish. This pack includes over 80 scroll stopping, engagement driving square post templates that will have you batching your social content in Speedy Gonzales mode.

Look forward to always having visually engaging posts up your sleeve. Get excited to receive flattering comments on your posts... and be prepared to stalk yourself, because your feed is going to look that good!

Take A Quick Scroll Through The Facebook & Instagram Post Pack

Keep in mind, your templates are totally editable and super simple to customize. If pastel colors aren't your vibe (and look like unicorn vomit to you), you can apply your own brand colors in one step. And yes, there's a tutorial for that. I've got you!


Lead Magnet & eBook Pack

Let's be real. Formatting meaty text in Canva can be tedious, but don't stress! Your templates have been designed with Sal's ninja Canva hacks to make the process feel more like a Word Or Google Doc... and yes, you'll learn all the tips & tricks along the way!

This pack of 80 page templates is ideal for creating:

  •  eBooks and Guides
  • Checklists & Cheat Sheets
  • Worksheets & Questionnaires
  • Other PDF resources offered in your online programs

A Sneak Peek Of The Lead Magnet & eBook Pack


Facebook Page Banner Pack

Frustrated with blurry, incorrect size cover banners for your Facebook page? Or text or graphics getting cut off on mobile? Let's sort that out!

This pack includes 50 Facebook page covers banners with the optimal dimensions and layouts to display on desktop and mobile.

This pack also comes with guidelines for what to display in your banners, including an optional call to action you can use to drive the customer journey.

Facebook Group Banner Pack

This pack includes over 30 Facebook group cover banners with the optimal dimensions and layouts to display on desktop and mobile.

Take A Quick Scroll Through The Facebook Page AND Group Banner Packs Below


Webinar, Workshop & Masterclass Slides Pack

  • Includes over 80 presentation slides you can use to create and present your webinars, workshops, masterclasses and course video lessons.
  • Simple to edit and customize to your brand style
  • Applies inspiration from expert Amy Porterfield's webinar framework
  • Includes content prompts for each slide, so you know what goes where
  • Easily present your slides straight from Canva. Yep, all you need to do is simply share your screen while using your preferred webinar or screen recording platform such as Demio or Zoom.

Take A Quick Scroll Through The Webinar, Workshop & Masterclass Slide Pack


Worksheet & Questionnaire Pack

  • Includes over 30 templates you can use to create worksheets, questionnaires, quizzes, self assessments and workbooks for both lead magnets and course learning materials.
  • Simple to edit and customize to your brand style
  • Intentionally designed to be low ink & home printer friendly (because your audience will likely want to print these sheets)
  • Available in US Letter Size & A4
  • Bonus checklist & planner templates included #YAY

Take A Quick Scroll Through The Worksheet & Questionnaire Template Pack


More Template Packs Coming Soon!

A Taste Of What's To Come...

  • More engagement driving posts for Facebook & Instagram with content and topic prompts
  • Engagement driving Instagram Story templates with topic prompts
  • More lead magnet templates
  • Templates for creating and selling your course
  • DIY Branding Pack
  • And so much more, we're just getting started!

Priority Support For Club Members

Stuck on something in Canva? Trying to make image X look like image Y? Can you do XYZ in Canva? Your Coach Sal Frances is obsessed with Canva hacks, so bring on your Qs because there's a good chance Sal has the A! 

Inside the Club Hub is a dedicated support area to submit your Canva and content questions. Plus, members can use the hashtag #CCCmember in our Facebook group so Sal can respond to your posts first.

PLUS A New Template Pack, Added To The Club Hub Each Month

Fresh new templates are added the Club Hub each month. The best part? Members get to vote for the next template pack! 

Ready To Dive In And Fly Ahead With Your Content Creation?

Join The Canva Content Club (soon to be The Template Tribe) As A "Beta Bird" 

A Combo Of Early Bird & Beta User

Lock in the lowest annual membership price ever. NO price increases for you!

Receive ALL templates and resources currently in the Club Hub

Receive ALL new template packs for as long as you stay a member

Get first say on additional templates and resources to suit your exact needs



BETA launch offer ending in early February!!! This is your last chance to score ALL existing and future membership templates at a significantly reduced price. Plus, you get first say on new template additions.



The templates and content topics can be adapted to any niche, industry or business model. In fact, some of the best content ideas come from borrowing inspiration from other niches.

Currently there are templates with examples for life coaches, health coaches, wellness consultants, nutritionists, teachers, parenting experts, pet professionals, copywriters, artists, makers, realtors, business coaches and more!

Even if you don't see your niche here, the templates are completely versatile. 

Want to see for yourself? Scroll to the top of this page and grab your free sample pack to taste test the templates.


The templates are prepared with free stock photos sourced from Canva PRO or Unsplash. This way, you can access the templates even if you have the free version of Canva.

That being said, you will most likely want to replace the photos to suit your business. Canva Pro now has an incredible range of photos to choose from. Club members also receive a discount code for Sal's number one stock library recommendation.


Not during the Beta Launch. Why? Because you're getting the full shabang! i.e. Access to ALL templates and resources offered with the annual membership.

A future monthly membership option will be available, however will only include one template pack a month. To access ALL template packs, the annual membership will be required... and now's your chance to score the lowest price ever!

Templates are a bit like undies! Once you wear them, you can't return them.

In more formal terms, due to the nature of digital template files, a refund cannot be offered, however you are entitled to cancel your membership at any time.

Cancellations can be managed in your user settings, but please be aware if you join the Canva Content Club with a special offer price, you will not be entitled to receive the special offer price again in the future.

Also, keep in mind, the beauty of a membership is that the product is not set in stone. Your feedback will shape the evolution of the club to ensure your exact needs are met (and exceeded). Plus, you get to vote for the new template packs!

No, you can access and edit the templates with the FREE version of Canva. This is great if you're just getting started.

However, to download any templates with Canva Pro photos or elements, OR to resize the templates, you will need Canva Pro. Sal's time saving tips and design tricks also focus on features available with Canva Pro.

If you want to up-level your design and content creation game, Canva Pro is absolutely worth the investment. You can find a comparison of the free vs paid version via canva.com/pricing

Yes, of course! So long as your Virtual Assistant is using (or is a team member of) your own Canva account.

This means, you may not share the template files with your Virtual Assistant or any third party.

If you're a Social Media Manager, Marketing Assistant or VA, you are totally welcome to use these templates for your clients, so long as you're using the templates in your own Canva account.

This means, you may not share the template files with your clients or any third party.

Yes, there is an affiliate program coming in November! More details coming soon.

The Who And Why Behind The Canva Content Club

Meet Sal Frances, your Canva Content Club Coach & Creator, based in sunny Queensland, Australia

Hey I'm Sal and I'm a Canva Addict! I'm also an accidental designer and recovered Photoshop temper tantrum chucker. i.e. I never use Photoshop!

My Canva journey started in 2013, when I had an amazing 9-5 job working on the Facebook page for one of Australia's leading news publications. It was then I started creating engagement driving graphics using Canva. We're talking simple 'Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day'  type posts… and they went gangbusters! I kid you not, graphics that took me 2 minutes to create in Canva received thousandsss of shares.

As much as I loved my job, I craved more flexibility in my lifestyle and took a leap of faith to leave the corporate world and be my own boss. My plan back then? I thought I'd crush this whole "passive income" thing and sell eBooks in my sleep. HA!

So what happened? I created the eBooks (using Canva) and started posting graphics to grow my audience and while I did sell SOME eBooks, I received a whole LOT more of this...

"OMG this looks amazing! Can you do this for me?"

And so my 1:1 client work journey began! For the last 2-3 years I've booked myself solid with word of mouth referrals for design, branding and content creation work… ALL using Canva!  I've been MIA on social media myself, because I've been in the trenches doing the work for my amazing clients.  

Now, I'm taking all me learnings, all my ninja Canva hacks, all my clients' struggles, all my content ideas, all my templates, all my creativity… and wrapping it up into a membership. You see, Canva is a design solution. My mission is to make the Canva Content Club a design AND content solution.

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